About us

Diteilas, UAB was established in 2003 and has been selling car care products and accessories ever since. Eventually the company began to offer high-quality cleaning tools.

At the moment our company offers a wide range of goods and services: everything from a polyurethane sponge to state of the art car wash equipment. The bulk of our goods consists of various washing and care products, and car accessories. We offer our clients interior cleaners, refreshers, polishing and care products, wipes, sprays and various accessories from the best-known brands. We also have a variety of body fillers, primers, lacquers, polishes, masking paper and tape for car paint shops. We distribute materials and products of major Western European and USA manufacturers.


Car wash designing

Professionally design of car wash and trucks wash premises. Advise you how to choose a car wash equipment, car wash helps increase productivity with placing the proper washing and car interior cleaning for jobs. Only a well-selected cleaning equipment, washing plant expertise to help staff work more productively and profitably.


Installation of equipment

We install cleaning equipment corresponding to the individual needs of the client. We offer a wide range of complexity of technical solutions, whether car washing, interior cleaning, body polishing and other works facilities. Experience allows for minimal cost to achieve the desired result. For each company “DITEILAS” customer guarantee quality of work, the best solution, choosing the car wash, washing method and washing cost analysis of experience in this business.


Completed projects

UAB DITEILAS designed and installed washing equipment on all “Švarosbroliai”car wash facilities in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, as well as car wash „Švarūnė” in Šiauliai. Small isolated and special individual projects in different regions of Lithuania. Never divide projects into large, small, significant or otherwise. Our every customer is important and welcome. After the car wash installation supervision thereof, perform after warranty repairs, we supply high quality chemicals, advise our clients on various issues.



Renatas Melonas
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UAB „Diteilas”

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